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Facing with a lack of medical time, our online workshops led by doctors provide you with trustful answers and personalized support.

Looking to improve your sexual health? How to make the best use of treatments? Understand and learn what solutions are available to you?

Join in to our online workshops. They are led by doctors, and are designed to answer your questions, following up your med care journey.

We service in french speaking countries, but some of our patients or family members live in France and speak english. If this is your case, we can provide assistance. Please send email to

About us

At Doctical, we are two co-founders, Dr Catherine Solano, sexologist and andrologist, and Jean-Luc Roux, entrepreneur. Our beloved ones have been hit by cancer. This is our motivation to act in this field. We work with medical specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists, as well as people affected by prostate cancer.